Sunday Programs

Why Forecasting Is Important in the World of Mobile Grooming

Jameson Kon

Where does one go when you already have a business that you want to expand further? What if your business is stagnant and you need to find a way for more growth? Can you do this alone, or do you need a team to get you from Point A to Point Z? Planning for success is the key to any business model. Take this seminar to find out how one can set themselves up for success by following some key points of operations in the mobile world of grooming.

Handled With Care

Katelyn Peterman

This session will cover everything you need to know about the handling of geriatric, hospice and higher-needs pets. Katelyn will cover tools, techniques, transitions and more! You'll be able to care for elderly pets with comfort and confidence.

Simple Poodle Prep

Jessica Uzzetta

In this informative demo, Poodle breeder and handler Jessica will share her tips and tricks of coat preparation, as well as her techniques used prior to the groom to get the best possible finish on those curly coats. Making sure you have the coat ready can ensure a very smooth end result.

Mobile Grooming Tips and Tricks

Cassandra Eye

Cassandra successfully operates four mobile units with five groomers, and she’s excited to share her knowledge with other owner/operators who are looking to expand. This class is for current mobile business owners, and will help give you guidance in streamlining your mobile business. Cassandra will give her best tips and advice on making your mobile business run smoothly and efficiently.

Optimizing Revenue without Expanding Space

Alyson Fisher

In this session, you’ll learn practical methods to increase profitability without the need for additional space so you can maximize the financial potential of your pet care enterprise.

Working With the Untamed Terrier

Shelby Westfall

Struggling with a stubborn Schnauzer? In this presentation, Shelby will discuss tools and techniques you can use to make grooming terriers easier for everyone!

The Difficult Dog: Understanding Why They Misbehave

Barb Hoover

There are many reasons why a dog is not cooperative on the table. Here Barb will discuss many of those reasons and how to spot them. Once we know the why of the behavior, we have the ability to try and change it or find ways t o work around it.

The Business of Running a Home-Based Grooming Salon

Amanda McGrath

Unlock the keys to a successful home-based pet grooming business! Do you currently operate at home or have you ever dreamed of opening a grooming salon attached to your home? In this class Amanda will cover all the basics: legalities to consider, workspace set up, the secrets of client management, top tips for work-life balance and so much more. This class delves into the intricacies of operating a thriving grooming business from the comfort of your home.

Now What? Returning to the Salon After a Trauma

Shelby Westfall

From dog bites to medical emergencies, some situations in the salon are just difficult to shake off. In this presentation, we’ll discuss common traumas we experience and the techniques we can use to help ourselves and our colleagues heal.

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